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Steamcon T-shirt Contest


We need you to design a t-shirt for Steamcon 2. Using our theme of steampunk in the weird, weird west, come up with a suitable design for the official t-shirt for Steamcon II. Robotic sharp shooters, mystical shaman, or airship stage coaches? What would best represent steampunk in the American west? The shirt should say "Steamcon II" in roman numerals and a serif font. Any other text is optional, but it can have the date and "Weird, Weird West" as well. Designs will be printed on a dark colored t-shirt either black or dark brown, so take this in to account when designing. Please do not use any copyrighted character/s, unless you are the copyright holder and can give us the rights to print.

Who is eligible: Anyone who wishes to submit a t-shirt design.
Deadline: Submissions must be emailed to t-shirtcontest@steamcon.org by September 1st.
Design specs: Full color, Size: anywhere from 8" x 8" up to 8.5" x 11". Initial submissions should be jpegs of 100 DPI. The final art will need to be Photoshop files with the layers or bitmaps or tiff or comparable; at 300 DPI. We will request those of the winner after judging takes place.
Reward: A membership to Steamcon 2, a pair of concert tickets for the Saturday concert at Steamcon II, two free t-shirts and your name on the chests of steampunks everywhere! (If contest winner is unable to attend Steamcon 2, all rewards can be transferred to Steamcon 3 or they may receive current equivalent monetary compensation.)

If you have any questions, email info@steamcon.org.
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